About Us

Welcome to Isle Inspirations Boutique. My name is Tanya and I have always had a love for beautifully designed jewelry that is truly unique. When my husband, Jason and I would visit a place we would always pickup jewelry from local artists as a souvenir from our travels. In our travels we would talk about opening our own boutique, my husband kindly encouraged me and so……we finally did it!

All our jewelry is handmade and designed by me from high quality materials. I am drawn to the natural elements of metals, copper, brass, and silver along with natural stones. The colors I find that can be brought out in copper are found in nature…….. the ocean I so love, natural stones we find in the earth, the beauty of a sunset that can be painted with fire. We have created several different patinas, and they make wonderful one of a kind unique pieces. As I create designs, I look for the little details that can be added to make it beautiful.

I am inspired by the beauty of where we live in the northwest and the many other places we have traveled. It has been the San Juan islands that we love visiting so much that has touched my heart the most. The beauty you find there is tranquil, and the beauty of the earth inspiring for jewelry designs.

Thank you for visiting Isle Inspirations Boutique and I hope you enjoy the unique designs you find here.